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DESERT WIZARDS - Beyond The Gates Of The Cosmic Kingdom

“Beyond The Gates Of The Cosmic Kingdom”

Release Date: on 29 June 2017

Genre: Hard Rock - Doom - Psichedelia

Country: Italy

1. Astral Master
2. Dogstar
3. Born Loser
4. Red Sun
5. The Man Who Rode The Time
6. Distant Memories
7. Snakes
8. A Light In The Fog

Tornano i Desert Wizards, quartetto di Ravenna giunto al terzo lavoro, il secondo su Black Widow Records dopo un esordio autoprodotto. Come molte produzioni dell’etichetta ligure, anche i Desert Wizards propongono un sound profondamente radicato negli anni 70, come si evince anche dalla copertina, coloratissima e altamente lisergica. 

La musica è un intrigante crocevia tra hard e progressive, in cui episodi sognanti e floydiani si alternano ad altri più rocciosi, dominati da una chitarra aggressiva e da un’organo affilato.
Il lavoro inizia con due piccoli capolavori: “Astral Master” e “Dogstar” battono sentieri vicini a leggende come Quatermass e Atomic Rooster, tra roventi cavalcate chitarristiche e sprazzi acustici. La ruvida e diretta “Born Loser” ci conduce a “Red Sun”, affascinante viaggio spaziale dal clima avvolgente. 
Altre suggestioni hard-prog, con qualche spruzzata dark qua e là, ci vengono regalate dalla raffinata “Distant Memories” e da “Snakes”, dall’incedere minaccioso e arcigno, fino alla chiusura di “A Light In The Fog”, che rievoca i Pink Floyd del lato oscuro della luna.

Davvero un ottimo disco questo Beyond The Gates Of The Cosmic Kingdom, se apprezzate il genere difficilmente troverete di meglio.


Marco Goti – guitar
Anna Fabbri – vocals, organ
Marco Mambelli – vocals, bass, synth
Silvio Della Valle – drums

LIV KRISTINE Joins MIDNATTSOL! New Album In The Making!

Liv Kristine has joined MIDNATTSOL as their official second singer - right next to her very talented sister Carmen Elise Espenæs. This truly is full sister power!  

The band is extremely excited about the news: 

“Hey folks,
Like we promised here is the news for you:
LIV KRISTINE IS NOW AN OFFICAL SECOND SINGER IN MIDNATTSOL!! Some time ago we discussed with Liv that she would support us on our upcoming album as a special guest. Working together, we found out that not only the result is awesome - we also have a lot of fun together. The logical consequence was that we pick up Liv as a permanent member of the band. So she is now the official second singer in Midnattsol.
We have already recorded Liv as the second voice on some songs for the next album. Liv will also have her own parts in some songs, so these songs will be more like a duet of the two sisters. We think the results will blow you away.
As Liv is now a permanent band member we plan to play upcoming concerts together with her.
We are very happy and it means a lot to us to have such an amazing singer and fantastic person in our Midnattsol family.

The band released a first appetizer in form of the track snippet “Purple Sky” HERE!

MIDNATTSOL released their promising debut album “Where Twilight Dwells” back in 2005. The band quickly gained fans around the Gothic, Metal & Rock scene alike and played numerous shows and summer festivals like Summer Breeze, Wave Gotik Treffen, Mera Luna, as well as support of IN EXTREMO. Their highly anticipated second studio album “Nordlys” was released in 2008, followed up by their latest album “The Metamorphosis Melody” in 2011. After that the band decided to take a creative break, but now you can be sure that MIDNATTSOL are fully back and ready more exciting news to come! 

THY ANTICHRIST Unveils Initial Album Details Of “Wrath Of The Beast

Thy Antichrist is an existentialist black metal band showcasing extreme elements that’s been making tidal waves in the underground metal community since 1998 and has been building an important fan base around the world.

In 2016, these US based Black Metallers found a home with the reputable Extreme Management Group, as well as joined the roster of well-known booking agency, Continental Concerts. With a stout history and commanding presence, Thy Antichrist has tremendous potential for further growth going with the recent worldwide signing with Napalm Records! Napalm Records is more than proud to welcome such a hardworking, ambitious and promising band to the roster and to unveil first album details of the bands Napalm Records debut “Wrath Of The Beast”!

The band comments on the new album:
We read Aleister Crowley’s wicked spell to awake an ancient evil pharaoh from the ashes of time, to condemn this modern world of chaos by the cursed hands of man. We invoke the Wrath of the Beast, the eclipsing star that rises from the east!”

“Wrath Of The Beast” track listing:
Metal to the Bone
The Great Beast
A World Burnt to Ashes
No Place Like Hell
Crown of Lies
Skeletons of Disgrace
Walking Through the Soul
The Last Breath – Instrumental Outro

giovedì 14 dicembre 2017

MONSTER MAGNET - Announce New Album "MINDFUCKER" Coming Spring 2018 via Napalm Records

It's been more than a year since the first rumors spread about a new MONSTER MAGNET album and that the band was preparing to enter the studio in Fall 2016. During the band's European Summer tour it finally got confirmed what the fans around the world were so desperately hoping for to be true. Mastermind Dave Wyndorf stated that the long awaited new studio record is going to be (quote) "full-ahead Detroit-style, early 70s, MC5 and Stooges type of rock". Sounded very promising back then! And now we know... he wasn't lying!

MONSTER MAGNET puts the pedal to the metal with "MINDFUCKER”, their 11th record. “MINDFUCKER" is different, a step forward and a step back at the same time to the almighty roots of hard rock music, kindled by the unpretentious Proto-punk era. Up tempo, savage in both sound and spirit, "MINDFUCKER" is the real deal! The album has the potential to surprise and to whip up the love for the genre, while still giving the sludgies and stoner freaks exactly what they wish for in a new MONSTER MAGNET album.

"MINDFUCKER" will be released on March 23, 2018 and can be pre-ordered right HERE

“MINDFUCKER is a fuzzed out, headbangin’ celebration of hard rock and 21st century paranoia” says Dave. “Ten fuel injected, nitro burning tracks of fiery rock ’n roll and garage psych madness, all done Monster Magnet style. It’s also an album that gets right to the point: the world is out of it’s fucking mind and I’m livin’ it….for better or worse. It’s simple, really. In these crazy times I’ve been wanting to just drive my car at 100 miles per hour and howl, you know what I mean? So I wrote songs I can do that with. And with lyrics that don’t deny the times we’re living in. Feels good, feels right. Rock is alive, baby!”

"MINDFUCKER" track listing:
1. Rocket Freak
2. Soul
3. Mindfucker
4. I'm God
5. Drowning
6. Ejection
7. Want Some
8. Brainwashed
9. All Day Midnight
10. When The Hammer Comes Down

Dave Wyndorf (vocals, guitar)
Garrett Sweeny (guitar)
Phil Caivano (guitar)
Chris Kosnik (bass)
Bob Pantella (drums) 

SUPERNAUGHTY svelano I dettagli dell’album. Pre-ordini attivi.

Gli Heavy Rockers italiani SUPERNAUGHTY svelano artwork e track-list del loro nuovo album “Vol.1”.

Il primo singolo “Mistress”  già disponibile

SUPERNAUGHTY “Vol. 1” verrà pubblicato in CD/DD da ARGONAUTA Records il 16 febbraio 2018.
I pre-ordini sono attivi QUI

1.    Mistress
2.    Bad Games
3.    The Slicers
4.    Andy’s Abduction
5.    Kiss the Death
6.    Y.A.T.
7.    Fuck’n Drive

THERION – svelati i dettagli di "Beloved Antichrist"

Il 2 febbraio 2018 i pionieri del metal sinfonico THERION pubblicheranno la monumentale creazione di Christofer Johnsson “Beloved Antichrist”, spettacolare rock opera ispirata a “Un breve racconto dell’Anticristo” di Vladímir Soloviov.
Quest’opera epica e drammatica dalla durata di tre ore mette in scena ventisette diversi personaggi, interpretati dai membri della band Thomas Vikström, Lori Lewis e Chiara Malvestiti, tra gli altri. Il primo singolo sarà disponibile prima di Natale. Oggi la band svela l’artwork disegnato da Thomas Ewerhart e la tracklist.

THERION presentano “Beloved Antichrist!
Act I
01. Turn From Heaven
02. Where Will You Go?
03. Through Dust, Through Rain
04. Signs Are Here
05. Never Again
06. Bring Her Home
07. The Solid Black Beyond
08. The Crowning Of Splendour
09. Morning Has Broken
10. Garden Of Peace
11. Our Destiny
12. Anthem
13. The Palace Ball
14. Jewels From Afar
15. Hail Caesar!
16. What Is Wrong?
17. Nothing But My Name

Act II
01. The Arrival Of Apollonius
02. Pledging Loyalty
03. Night Reborn
04. Dagger Of God
05. Temple Of New Jerusalem
06. The Lions Roar
07. Bringing The Gospel
08. Laudate Dominum
09. Remaining Silent
10. Behold Antichrist
11. Cursed By The Fallen
12. Resurrection
13. To Where I Weep
14. Astral Sophia
15. Thy Will Be Done!

01. Shoot Them Down!
02. Beneath The Starry Skies
03. Forgive Me
04. The Wasteland Of My Heart
05. Burning The Palace
06. Prelude To War
07. Day Of Wrath
08. Rise To War
09. Time Has Come/Final Battle
10. My Voyage Carries On
11. Striking Darkness
12. Seeds Of Time
13. To Shine Forever
14. Theme Of Antichrist

I THERION stanno attualmente lavorando alla possibilità di portare l’intera produzione sul palco. La band ha già annunciato un tour paneuropeo e sarà accompagnata dai russi IMPERIAL AGE, dai tedeschi NULL POSITIV e una terza band.

01.03. Brescia - Circolo Colony
02.03. Roma - Orion
03.03. Bologna - Zona Roveri

I THERION hanno lanciato un concorso esclusivo per vincere pacchetti VIP e meet&greet:

MINISTRY - annunciano il nuovo album e il primo singolo. Pre-ordini attivi!

"It’s like the Nazis back in ‘39
Like the Romans on the verge of decline
Like the Russians back in ‘68
How is this supposed to make American great?
-- 'AmeriKKKant'

I pionieri americani dell’industrial MINISTRY pubblicheranno il nuovo album, nonché debutto per Nuclear Blast Records, “AmeriKKKant” il 9 marzo 2018. La band di Al Jourgensen presenta anche il primo singolo con relativo video 'Antifa', che fotografa la situazione caotica in cui versa l’America oggi.

“Quest’album, ‘AmeriKKKant’, darà un sollievo tipo quello offerto dalla FEMA in occasione della devastazione dell’uragano Cheeto”, spiega il mastermind Al Jourgensen.

Prodotte da Al Jourgensen, registrate ai Caribou Studios di Burbank, CA tra gennaio e maggio di quest’anno, e accompagnate dal corrosivo artwork di Mister Sam Shearon, le nove canzoni di “AmeriKKKant” - psichedeliche, politicamente influenzate e decisamente in your face - hanno le loro radici nella rabbia genuina di Jourgensen nei confronti di ciò che sta accadendo in America oggi. Il rispetto della Costituzione che viene meno, la crescente accettazione delle opinioni di uno solo a dispetto dei fatti, il declino del senso della morale, dell’etica e della responsabilità personale da parte dei leader politici nei confronti del Paese e dei Padri Costituenti, oltre al folle che risiede alla Casa Bianca.

“AmeriKKKant” tracklist:
1.  I Know Words
2.  Twilight Zone
3.  Victims of a Clown
4.  TV5/4Chan
5.  We’re Tired of It
6.  Wargasm
7.  Antifa
8.  Game Over
9.  AmeriKKKa