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GlerAkur - The Mountains Are Beautiful Now

"The Mountains Are Beautiful Now"

Release Date: 21 July, 2017

Country: Iceland

Style: Atmospheric Doom

1. Augun Opin
2. Can’t You Wait
3. Fagurt Er A Fiollum Nuna
4. Hallalone
5. Strings

E' difficile descrivere la musica Islandese cercando di evitare i soliti luoghi comuni o le consuete citazioni.
Elvar Geir Sævarsson forse c’è riuscito. Ascoltando il suo disco mi sono immersa nei paesaggi multiformi di questa terra, che va dai dolci pendii verdi a distese senza fine di sabbia nera. Ed è proprio attraverso queste note così dense che ho trovato la spiritualità giusta per descrivere un lavoro di un’artista che da opera per pochi eletti, è divenuta arte a tutti gli effetti.

The Mountains Are Beautiful Now nasce dalle acque ribollenti di origine vulcanica, una proposta interamente strumentale che veste i panni del metal melodico la mattina e quello di uno scintillante prog rock la sera, in un susseguirsi di armonie misteriose e dissonanti, tratteggiate unicamente dalle magiche orchestrazioni del maestro GlerAkur
Una composizione di così rara bellezza mai si era udita nel mondo musicale moderno.  Lo spettacolo teatrale già concepito per l’orchestra 'Fjalla-Eyvindur og Halla', oggi diventa un album che ridefinisce il concetto di musicista e strumento in una esplosione di semplicità che si allontana a grandi falcate dal virtuosismo musicale proposto da molti artisti della scena locale.

Onestamente non so quanto della sua volontà di descrivere l’essere umano ed il suo universo circostante riuscirà a penetrare le nostre menti, senza dubbio questo album provocherà una tempesta emozionale che andrà ben oltre l'estasi.

Michela (Anesthesia)

CRADLE OF FILTH – le date del tour europeo, il nuovo video trailer, e live Q&A

Le leggende britanniche del metal estremo CRADLE OF FILTH hanno pubblicato un nuovo video in cui il cantante Dani Filth parla della composizione e delle registrazioni dell’attesissimo dodicesimo album in studio ”Cryptoriana - The Seductiveness Of Decay”, in uscita il 22 settembre su Nuclear Blast.

La band inoltre annuncia le date del tour europeo a inizio 2018, con i leggendari MOONSPELL come ospiti speciali.

18.01. CZ Prague, Roxy
19.01. CZ Ostrava, Garage
20.01. SK Bratislava, MMC
21.01. HU Budapest, A38
23.01. PL Krakow, Kwadrat
24.01. PL Warsaw, Progresja
25.01. PL Gdansk, B90
27.01. DE Leipzig, Hellraiser
28.01. DE Berlin, C-Club
29.01. DE Hamburg, Grünspan
30.01. DE Bremen, Schlachthof
01.02. NL Tilburg, 013
02.02. NL Haarlem, Patronaat
03.02. DE Osnabrück, Hyde Park
04.02. DE Cologne, Essigfabrik
06.02. DE Bochum, Zeche
07.02. DE Frankfurt, Batschkapp
08.02. DE Nürnberg, Hirsch
09.02. DE Saarbrücken, Garage
10.02. CH Pratteln, Z7
12.02. IT Milano, Live Club
13.02. IT Bologna, Zona Roveri
14.02. FR St. Etienne, Le Fil
15.02. ES Barcelona, Salamandra 1
16.02. ES Madrid, Penelope
18.02. FR Limoges, CC John Lennon
19.02. FR Paris, La Machine Du Moulin Rouge
20.02. FR Lille, Le Metaphone
21.02. FR Besancon, La Rodia
23.02. DE Stuttgart, LKA Longhorn
24.02. DE TBA
25.02. AT Dornbirn, Conrad Sohms
26.02. AT Wien, Simm City
27.02. DE München, Backstage Werk
01.03. BE Vosselaar, Biebob
02.03. DE Flensburg, Roxy
03.03. DK Odense, Posten
04.03. NO Oslo, Vulkan Arena
05.03. SE Stockholm, Fryshuset Klubben
07.03. FI Helsinki, Nosturi
08.03. RU St. Petersburg, Aurora Concert Hall
09.03. RU Moscow, Yotaspace

Stasera dalle 21 alle 22 il chitarrista Richard Shaw risponderà in diretta alle domande che i fan gli porranno attraverso la pagina Facebook dei CRADLE OF FILTH:

Auðn unleash first track of forthcoming album

AUÐN are unveiling the first atmospheric track taken from their forthcoming album 'Farvegir Fyrndar', which is scheduled for release on November 10th. The song "Í Hálmstráið Held" is now streaming via Metalitalia

AUÐN comment: "We are ecstatic to present 'Í Hálmstráið Held' to you, the first track taken from our new album, which is entitled 'Farvegir Fyrndar'. We feel that this song represents our record very well as it points into the direction, which we are striving for. 'Í Hálmstráið Held' retains the atmosphere of our previous release, but sounds both more aggressive and melodic at the same time. We are taking things a step further and hope that you will join us!"

AUÐN furthermore release the artwork of 'Farvegir Fyrndar' (created by Víðir Mýrmann Þrastarson)

On further news, AUÐN have announced a European tour together with label mates THE GREAT OLD ONES in support of GHAALS WYRD. A full list of confirmed dates can be found below

+The Great Old Ones +Ghaals WYRD
01 Dec 17 Bochum (DE) Matrix
02 Dec 17 Vosselaar (BE) Biebob
04 Dec 17 Toulouse (FR) metronum
05 Dec 17 Madrid (ES) Chango
06 Dec 17 Barcelona (ES) boveda
07 Dec 17 Marseille (FR) Jas Rod
09 Dec 17 Bologna (IT) Alcemica Music Club
10 Dec 17 Zürich (CH) Werk 21
12 Dec 17 München (DE) Backstage
13 Dec 17 Wroclaw (PL) Firlej
14 Dec 17 Erfurt (DE) From Hell
15 Dec 17 Berlin (DE) De Mortem Et Diabolum

AUÐN Festivals
16 Dec 17 Eindhoven (NL) Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2017
30 Mar 18 Oslo (NO) Inferno Festival 2018
For all its beauty, Iceland can be a sinister place where furious elements rage teaching fear but also inspiring human creativity. Hailing from the village of Hveragerði in the south of the volcanic island, AUÐN are the latest offspring from the burgeoning black metal scene in this land of ice and snow to set their dark sails for foreign shores.

With their second full-length, 'Farvegir Fyrndar' (literally meaning "Ancient Riverbeds" – with a long tail of untranslatable subtext), AUÐN continue their fast ascent. Unlike the majority of their blackened brethren from the country's capital Reykjavik, this young band does not base its sound more or less on DEATHSPELL OMEGA worship, but rather reaches back to a more classic second generation black metal approach for inspiration.

AUÐN deliver haunting melodies and beautifully frozen atmospheres – as opposed to the jarring and caustic blunt force trauma that has brought this remote place in the Northern Atlantic to the black metal forefront of late

Founded in the bleak winter of 2010, AUÐN's talent was quick to be recognised. The band got invited to Iceland’s main metal event, the Eistnaflug Festival and won the local Wacken Metal Battle contest in 2016, while making it to the top 3 at the main event. Performances at the prestigious Inferno and Roadburn Festivals followed in 2017.

With 'Farvegir Fyrndar', AUÐN not only demonstrate the impressive progress of their songwriting skills but also deliver a clear definition of their very own black sound. Warning: this album grows with every spin and will take a long time to even come close to any limit!

Aðalsteinn Magnússon - guitar
Andri Björn Birgisson - guitar
Hjalti Sveinsson - vocals
Hjálmar Gylfason - bass
Sigurður Kjartan Pálsson - drums


[pic by Paulo Mendes]

Portugal's Dark Metal pioneers in MOONSPELL are finally back with a brand new and hotly anticipated album, titled '1755'. Set to be released on November 3rd 2017 on Napalm Records, this record will outclass all standards you have ever heard from MOONSPELL before!

From the first second the conceptual dramaturgy MOONSPELL have created feels like a detonation of the mind. '1755' is more than just the band's new magnum opus: It's the musical version of the year of horror where a giant earthquake wrecked their home Lisbon. Naturally this album comes and is sung in Portuguese. The album, produced by Tue Madsen ( (Meshuggah, The Haunted, Dark Tranquility, Dir En Grey, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter ) also features Paulo Bragança, supplying a hauntingly voice of a Fado fallen angel who is a big part of the Portuguese culture. His fascinating vocals are featured in "In Tremor Dei" (eng.: "Fear Of God").
Now the band fronted by the soul of dark art and visionary Fernando Ribeiro unveiled first details about '1755' and unleash the stunning cover artwork as well as the album track list!

[ cover artwork by: João Diogo]
Says Fernando:
I have been fascinated with Portuguese history since I can remember. The year of 1755 marked the birth of a new Portugal. Much more than just the greatest natural disaster ever to occur on European soil, the great Lisbon Quake, shockwaves can not be reduced to a dramatic death toll. From absolute tragedy, a new city was born, giving way to a new time where Portuguese relied more on themselves than on the crown or the cross, granting us, much of the city, the lay country, the free will that we enjoy today. This is not just another album from us. It’s a musical and lyrical History document, a homage we pay to our legacy and to the amazing skills and resilience of our fellow Portuguese back then, of all mankind when brought down to the knees by the violent forces of Nature and Reason. Whatever is, is right... yet the earth shakes."
The track list of '1755' will read as follows:
1. Em Nome Do Medo
2. 1755
3. In Tremor Dei ( featuring Portuguese guest vocalist Paulo Bragança! )
4. Desastre
5. Abanão
6. Evento
7. 1 De Novembro
8. Ruínas
9. Todos Os Santos
10. Lanterna Dos Afogados

'1755' is a dark adventure in medieval landscapes - emotionally, technically and completely earthshaking! 

In support of MOONSPELL's upcoming release, the band will be heavily hitting the road this year!

Make sure to catch the masters of dark art on the following dates:
17.08.17 DE - Dinkelsbuehl / Summer Breeze
19.08.17 PT - Góis / Concentração Internacional de Motos de Góis
23.08.17 PT - Corroios / Festas de Corroios
02.09.17 DE - Markneuenkirchen / ReeveLand Festival
09.09.17 DE - Santarém / Parque da Ribeira
10.09.17 IT - Milano / Metalitalia Festival 2017
30.10.17 PT - Lisbon / Lisboa Ao Vivo (Special album release show)
31.10.17 PT - Lisbon / Lisboa Ao Vivo (Special album release show)
01.11.17 PT - Porto / Hard Club (Special album release show) 
03.11.17 ES - Santiago / Malatesta
04.11.17 ES - Bilbao / Santana 27
05.11.17 ES - Valencia / Rock City
06.11.17 ES - Barcelona / Salamandra
07.11.17 ES - Zaragoza / CC Delicias
08.11.17 ES - Madrid / Sala Caracol

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Freight Train - I


Release Date: on 14 July 2017

Country: Italy

Style: AOR/Melodic Hard Rock

Track List:
1. The beginning
2. You won't fall
3. Into the fire
4. Another chance
5. Here I am
6. Somewhere, Someday
7. The Prelude 
8. Reach for the stars
9. Any Way You Want It [Journey Cover] 
10. Into the fire [Acoustic Version ]

Mai prima d’ora si era respirato tanto AOR nell'aria, e la sensazione è tanto più piacevole perché questo vento spira dal nostro paese. I Freight Train sono una giovane scommessa giocata sul tavolo verde dell’hard rock melodico nel 2015, ma con il loro album di debutto "I" oggi offrono una moderna rivisitazione del genere. Elementi canonici come un'ampia dose di cori e tastiere, infatti, sono capaci di compiere un vero e proprio salto nel passato ma anche di lasciar scivolare lontano ogni accenno di nostalgia.
Il nutrito nucleo di musicisti affila i propri strumenti con precisione chirurgica, alternando brani più accattivanti in chiave radiofonica (You Won’t Fall) ad episodi trascinanti dal sex appeal hard blues (Here I Am e Somewhere, Someday).
Come accennato, splendida è la simbiosi tra chitarre e tastiera, mentre le ritmiche tengono salde le redini dei brani e le backing vocals regalano slancio all'eccellente performance del cantante Ivan Mantovani.

I Freight Train forse non saranno destinati a cambiare la storia del rock, ma la consistenza di questo debutto la dice lunga sulle potenzialità delle nuove leve AOR, alla faccia di chi indossa da oltre trent'anni la solita maglietta logora dei Journey.

Michela (Anesthesia)

Line Up:
Ivan Mantovani – Vox
Enrico Testi – Guitar & Vox
Anton Bagdatyev – Keyboards & Vox
Lorenzo Pucci – Bass & Backing vocals
Andrea Cappelletti – Guitar
Mattia Simoncini – Drums

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COMEBACK KID - parlano dei testi di "Outsider" nel nuovo trailer

La migliore band hardcore/punk canadese, COMEBACK KID, ha pubblicato un nuovo trailer nel quale il cantante Andrew Neufeld parla dei testi del nuovo atteso album "Outsider". VIDEO

Inoltre la band ha annunciato il tour da headliner negli US a Ottobre con il supporto di BURN e JESUS PIECE. 

sabato 12 agosto 2017

UNVEIL FIRST SINGLE AND LYRIC VIDEO! Brand new album 'Deep calleth upon Deep' To Be Released September 22nd!

Black metal legends SATYRICON have revealed their highly anticipated ninth studio album, 'Deep calleth upon Deep' is set for release on 22nd September on Napalm Records. The opus will be available in digital format, CD digipak and gatefold vinyl options and is now available for pre-order HERE!

Now the iconic duo fronted by visionary Satyr has unveiled a lyric video for the album title track and first single from the band's upcoming masterpiece. Satyr informs us:
It was not easy to chose a song to represent this album as they are all so different. I consider them all to be a group of individuals with strong and unique personalities and together they make the album «Deep calleth upon Deep".

The title track is the only song we’ve done with baritone and regular guitar all the way through the song. I felt it was needed for the tonal depth I was looking for and to enhance the swing of the groove in the heavier parts. It also has mellotron, cello, violin and backing vocals by classical singer Håkon Kornstad where the cello supports the baritone guitar and the mellotron, violin and the backing vocals provide air and width to the sound. Consider it a journey, play it loud, close your eyes and head into the forest. That’s what I do.“ 

The single 'Deep calleth upon Deep' is now available for digital download and streaming on:

Watch SATYRICON's brand new lyric video right HERE!